PEN responds to policy and business matters by offering research perspectives on several issues. PEN produces three types of research products, namely PEN Opinions, PEN Analytical Briefs and PEN Research Reports.

PEN Opinions

PEN Opinions are short articles examining topical issues requiring immediate attention. The nature and scope of analysis of an Opinion depends from the level of knowledge relevant at the time it has been written. Derived from our research and experience, they provide parsimonious reflections on the policy implications of new developments, allowing for quick solutions to identified problems. PEN Insights seek to support informed quick decision-making for the private sector, government and media. Relying on its Opinions, PEN continually informs core institutions and interested business and policy stakeholders on urgent questions that need be solved to drive forward their development, reform and policy objectives.

PEN Analytical Briefs

PEN Analytical Briefs are lengthier analyses reflecting our assessments from research on policy and business issues. They not only bring particular issues into discourse, but also provide informed frameworks for rational decision-making in both the private and public sector. PEN Analytical Briefs present well researched themes and integrate them into discussions of ongoing issues that help readers understand and rely on valid evidence when making decisions. Analytical Briefs not merely provide for deeper analysis of issues but also suggest policy solutions to identified problems.

PEN Research Reports

PEN Research Reports are complete research products that address an in-depth research questions by using theoretical models and relying on policy evidence. They usually end up proposing modeled solutions to identified problems contrasted against different scenarios. Our Research Reports aim to provide informed advice and analysis rather than provide fast reaction to particular issues. They mean to inform not merely the government and business stakeholders but also the public opinion at-large. Research Reports serve the long-term development of Kosovo’s policy and business community to more effective paths of reforms and growth. Through our research reports, PEN participates in regional and international consultancy research, allowing our expert capacity to compete beyond Kosovo and the region.